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A2A2 Raw Jersey Cows Milk - Fresh

A2A2 Raw Jersey Cows Milk - Fresh

1/2 | Gal
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Coming Soon: We are scheduled to have milk early May when Gracie our new heifer calves. Stay tuned and please make sure to sign up for our emails for the fastest communication.

Refundable Bottle Deposit of $5 is required for each half gallon. Purchase Bottle Deposit Separately.

Supplies are limited. Typically can fill order within 0-5 days depending on day. Weekends have the most demand.

Grass Fed, Certified A2A2, Antibiotic and Hormone Free - Raw Jersey Cows Milk. Rich and Creamy. Typically have a 2-3 inch cream line or more.

Doesn’t get any better than right off the farm. And we are one of the only farms around that tests our milk in our on farm laboratory. Read about it here. Jersey milk has more butterfat than Holstein milk and is a cheese lovers desire. Drink it and you will experience the creamiest treat somewhat like a thin vanilla shake. $5 refundable bottle deposit per jar.

If your not bringing back bottles please purchase refundable bottle deposit separately if first purchase or increasing amounts.