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A2A2 Raw Jersey Cows Milk - 1/2 Gallon

A2A2 Raw Jersey Cows Milk - 1/2 Gallon

1 | 1/2 Gal
Purchase Refundable Bottle Deposits for each 1/2 gallon milk if not exchanging bottles.
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A2A2 Raw Jersey Cows Milk - Fresh

Raw Milk is only available for farm pickup. Raw Local Honey is available for farm pickup or home delivery in Missouri only due to varying state regulations.

We are the only farm in Missouri that tests our milk in our on farm laboratory every day BEFORE the milk is sold.

Every Day!! Before you consume it!!

Don't settle for untested or weekly/monthly tested substandard milk. We know from experience that much can go wrong and will go wrong no matter how clean the process is. Testing BEFORE milk is consumed is essential to a responsible raw milk safety management protocol.

We blood test our cattle annually to assure we have the healthiest disease free animals and we also vaccinate for zoonotic diseases as part of our safe protocols.

We are passionate about Raw Milk Safety. Read about it here.

If you are getting your raw milk somewhere else and want it tested for free, please contact us for directions on how to provide a sample. Your results will be provided confidentially so you can talk to your producer about incorporating safe testing protocols. We have many resources to assist consumers and producers. We are educators and want everyone to produce and consume safe raw milk by incorporating easy best practices.

Refundable Bottle Deposit is required for each half gallon. Purchase Bottle Deposit Separately.

Supplies are limited. Weekends have the most demand.

Grass Fed, Certified A2A2, Antibiotic and Hormone Free - Raw Jersey Cows Milk. Rich and Creamy. Typically have a 2-3 inch cream line or more.

Doesn’t get any better than right off the farm.

Jersey milk has more butterfat than Holstein milk and is a cheese lovers desire. Drink it and you will experience the creamiest treat somewhat like a thin vanilla shake.

If your not bringing back bottles please purchase refundable bottle deposit separately if first purchase or increasing amounts.