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Grass-fed Beef 1/4 Cow w/Standard Processing

Grass-fed Beef 1/4 Cow w/Standard Processing

1/4 Cow | Sold by Lbs. per Hanging Weight
$0.20/lb. savings
$5.40/lb. $5.20/lb. Avg. 200lb .
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Disregard Checkout Saturday Pickup Dates and see below for details on actual estimated pickup date.

We will deliver your cow to our processor for you. You are paying by the hanging weight. This is the weight of the cow after all of the non-edible parts have been removed but before the cow is cut up into retail cuts. The take home weight or retail weight averages 62-68%% of the hanging weight. This is due to bone and trim loss when cut into smaller pieces.

The price for the beef is per pound on the hanging weight. Standard Processing is included to process into retail cuts.

The hanging weights vary as the animals weigh different amounts averaging for a half between 150-225 Lbs. Once we know the weight of your beef provided by the butcher for processing, we will then adjust your final price before pickup.