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Pasture Raised Ground Chicken Frames

Pasture Raised Ground Chicken Frames

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Pasture Raised Ground Chicken Frames

We are always looking for ways to reduce waste. So how can we make use of every part of the chicken?

When we cut up a chicken into the various cuts (breast, thigh, drum stick, wings) we are left with what we call the chicken frame which still has a decent amount of meat on it.

We grind the chicken frames to make use of it, as it has so much potential with meat and bone.

We like to feed our border collies a package raw each day. Additionally you can cook one like a burger. It's actually pretty good. They are USDA inspected and safe for human consumption. While I do not know any recipes at this time, I have tried it and it had the consistency of salmon patties. I could feel a little bone grit similar to a patty but the particles were so small it was no problem to swallow. For me, its better used for pet food but I am sure someone will share a recipe they create at some point that I will share here for everyone.