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Red Wattle Heritage Breed Half Hog w/Included Standard Processing

Red Wattle Heritage Breed Half Hog w/Included Standard Processing

Half Hog | Sold by Lbs. per Hanging Weight
$3.75/lb. Avg. 137 lb.
Sold Out

Heritage Breed Red Wattle Pork. Reserve yours today.

Red Wattle Pork is a delicacy. Red Wattle Pork is from heritage breed hogs that commercial operations have abandoned because they do not grow as efficiently as commercial hogs. The extra time it takes to grow and care for these hogs is worth the reward.

Red Wattle Hogs are on the threatened list. The best way to save them is to make them popular and eat them. Eating them is easy because they have such an exceptional taste with a rich deep red colored meat. We decided to breed these hogs because we heard so many great things about them. You already know we are not built the same as commercial farms here at Twisted Ash Farm & Dairy. We are not as concerned with quantity or maximum efficiency that requires growth hormones, antibiotics and other commercial practices. Our goal as a small family run farm has always been quality first over quantity. 

What do you get?

This is for a half hog. Standard Processing is Included in the price.

We will transport your hog to our butcher. Once the butcher weighs the hog we will adjust your final price minus your deposit. Average hanging weight is 110-150 Lbs. The hanging weight is not the take home or retail weight. The take home or retail weight is the weight after the hog is cut up into smaller pieces we call retail cuts and usually yields 70-75% of the hanging weight. It takes about 2 weeks after the butcher date until pickup to allow the hams and bacon time to cure. Once the meat is ready we will contact you for pickup at our farm.

This is a pre-order to reserve your Heritage Breed Red Wattle Hog. Don't be concerned with pickup date at checkout. Just ignore that and we will coordinate with you for communicating exact butcher date and pickup date. If this is your first time. Rest assured we will assist you through the entire process if you haven't navigated the process of purchasing custom pork before.

Next Estimated Butcher Date:

TBD - August/September Butcher Date