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Steakhouse Beef 1/8 Cow w/Standard Processing

Steakhouse Beef 1/8 Cow w/Standard Processing

1/8 Cow | 50 LBs Retail Take Home
Butcher Date Dec 8, Est Pickup Date Dec 28
Sold Out

Steakhouse Beef Flat Rate 1/8 of a Cow

Steakhouse Beef Package 50LB +/-

Steers vary in hanging weight based on the size of the animal. Typically ranging between 650 - 900 pounds on the rail/hanging weight. The below table is an average based on a 750 pound hanging weight showing typically how many items one might get. Butcher styles and cutting thickness along with trimming will vary these numbers however you can get a reasonable idea of what is included.

Disclaimer: Beef steers have variation between animals such as heavier and longer frames along with butcher styles such as cutting thickness's and trimming differences will vary quantity's and weights.