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Whole Hog Custom Processing Option

Whole Hog Custom Processing Option

1 | Whole Hog
Butcher Date Nov 29, Est Pickup Date Dec 19
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$1.99/lb. $1.50/lb. Avg. 275lb .
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Whole Hog Custom Processing Option

Sold by Hanging Weight - Price you see at checkout is for hog only. We will add butcher/processing costs after the butcher tells us what that costs is. Average $300-350.

Budget $700-850 for hog plus processing.

Processing is extra and will be added to the order once the butcher confirms the amount based on your cutting instructions. Items that are typically at a premium are curing, linking, patties, seasoning, etc.

Disregard Checkout Pickup Dates and see below for details on actual estimated pickup date.

Price for hog is based on the hanging weight. Our hogs have an average live weight of about 280-320 pounds. Hanging weight is 70-75% of the live weight on average. Once the butcher removes the non-edible parts the hog then is weighed on the rail. This is called the hanging weight or rail weight. This is not the retail or take home weight. Average take home weight is 67-75% of the hanging weight. Average retail or take home is about 120-150 pounds depending on the size of the hog.

Custom processing is extra. This fee will be added to your price once we know the amount from butcher. Average cost for processing a whole hog is $300-350. It can be more depending on the amount of premium services requested such as curing, linking, patties, seasoning, etc..

Hogs are not in stock.

Pickup 2-3 weeks after butcher date.

Fresh pork from our farm is tender and has exceptional quality. You wont find pork like this in a grocery store.

Disregard Checkout Pickup Dates. We will contact you as it gets close to your butcher date to get your cutting order and again when its time to coordinate pickup.