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Food You Can Trust

We are a small farm managed by a family of 6. Every day is an adventure learning something new.

Know what's in your food.

We practice free range, grass fed, organic, regenerative farming and with no chemicals.

You wont find meat like this in your grocery store.

Quality is our specialty.

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  • Chemical Free - Clean Food

    We do not use any chemicals to treat our animals used for food. We are antibiotic free, steroid free, and growth hormone free. No nitrogen gas or other additives in our product or packaging to fool consumers on freshness.
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  • Grass-fed - Grass/Grain Finished

    Grass-fed beef can help improve your heart health by: Higher in vitamins A, E, and other Antioxidants High amounts of omega–3 fatty acids. Less unhealthy fats. Lower amounts of bad cholesterol (known as LDL cholesterol) a marker of cardiovascular disease. Premium Grass Fed and Grass/Grain finished giving you the best of both worlds. High nutrient beef comes from grass and a moderate ration of grain helps to keep the beef tender and flavorful.
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  • Grass-fed Full Grain Finish

    Premium Grass Fed and Full Grain finished. Full grain finish gives steakhouse beef its tender and flavorful marbled finish. The kind of steak you get in a high end restaurant. Beef is aged 2-3 weeks.
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  • Pastured - Free Range

    Our laying chickens are free range on pasture and produce the best eggs. These birds eat nothing but grass and bugs just the way nature intended.
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  • Rotationally Grazed

    We rotate our cattle, sheep and goats from lush green pasture to the next helping to assure quality forage but also to be easy on the land so that it can regenerate naturally without chemicals.
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  • USDA/MO Inspected

    All of our meat is processed under inspection to assure the cleanliness and meat quality are at the highest standards.
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Milk and meat have been consistently delicious each and every time ❤️ We won’t be going anywhere else
Emily H.