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Raw Milk | Grass-fed Beef | Pastured Poultry
Steakhouse Beef | Smokehouse Pork

Foristell, Missouri

Nourish Your Family With Real Chemical Free Food

Many people are running away from commercial food systems exposing us to unnecessary antibiotics, hormones and chemicals that don't belong in our food.

They come to us with a list of things their doctor told them ( or their children) to avoid.... but when they change their diet, their tummy troubles, eczema, allergies disappear.

If you have been searching for "the cure," or you are exhausted from overwhelming anxiety around your diet, then farm fresh food might be just what you need.

Welcome to Twisted Ash Farm & Dairy, We can't wait to meet you!

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We realize that asking for your personal information and requiring sign in is a hard ask since we haven't met yet. We do this to make sure there is less confusion when shopping our store. Not all products are available for home delivery and some products are not available outside of Missouri where our farms are located due to differing state laws such as raw milk. Signing in will keep you seeing the products appropriate for your pickup or delivery location. Your always welcome to reach out to us directly if you prefer. We appreciate any consideration you have made to support our family farm.