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About Our Farm

Your trying to balance kids sports activities and cooking a healthy dinner everyday. 

I know that because that's my health journey too.

Its a struggle to find the food that will help you and your family to live your best life possible. Maybe acid reflux, or regular upset tummies, eczema, auto-immune disease are holding you back in life.

So many medical doctors are FINALLY recommending their patients go find some raw milk full of enzymes and probiotics to heal what their meds are no longer able to help.

You might be saying to yourself, I just want to have food I can trust to feed my family.

I said the same thing back in 2014 when Angela and I moved to the farm.

I wanted our children to know what real food was. Not the chemical infused food we see in the store with artificial coloring, flavors, and other additives. I wanted to assure there was absolutely zero growth hormones and antibiotics in our food.

Initially I just wanted to grow my own food just for my family so I  could control what's in it and have the best life for my family. 

My intentions where never to sell what we grow. Family and friends would ask if they could get in on a beef, hog, or a chicken and then it started to just organically turn into what it is today. 

A small farm, family of 6, producing clean chemical free food you can trust to feed you and your family just like I feed my own. 

We now commit the rest of our lives to making it possible for others to achieve the same level of good health we did, by raising our animals, healing the land, and also the families who stop here.

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