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Do you think you have the passion to host a Pickup Location? 

Do you want to bring REAL food to your neighborhood?

What is a pickup location volunteer? Its potentially you. Someone who appreciates REAL food that is produced by small farmers in a way that is respectful to animals and the land. You might live a little far to drive to the farm once a week, but you want access to our REAL food. You are interested in saving money by hosting a pickup site at your home or business where you make things more convenient for you and other like minded people. Its quick, typically 30 minutes for people to meet and pickup. If this sounds like you, then read onto the benefits and requirements.


  • $50 Signup Credit - Get a credit for signing up to be a pickup location volunteer.
  • $50 Credit - Get a credit added to your account for every pickup when the pickup value is greater than $500
  • $100 Credit - Get a credit added to your account for every pickup when the pickup value is greater than $1500
  • $10 Credit - for every first time order placed at your location that is not part of the referral program below you will get a $10.00 credit added to your account.
  • Give $20 - Get $50 for Referrals - Earn bonus store credit for you and the person you are referring. After a new customer places their first order with your unique referral link they will get $20 off and you will get a $50 credit added to your account.
  • No Fees - We may deem it necessary to add a small fee to cover the management of having a pickup location in your area. Volunteers will be exempt from these fees.
  • Offset Cost - Reduce your cost for making trips to the farm by helping others
  • Helping Others - Making available our REAL foods to your neighborhood families so they can eat as healthy as we do.


  • Passion - A pickup location volunteer should have a passion about REAL food. They help spread the word and help grow the pickup location. We provide all the marketing to reach people on the internet in your area but we will need you to help grow your location also. This is simply talking about what you are passionate about with your friends, family, co-workers, and like minded businesses such as chiropractors.
  • Create a Community - Your mission is to make every person visiting your pickup location feel amazing and welcome. You might just be developing the next pickup location volunteer or assistant. 
  • Truck/SUV or Small Trailer -  To start you will need to pickup for your location until it reaches a $500 average combined delivery. At that point the farm will take over and deliver direct to your location. You will need a vehicle that can transport several large coolers to your pickup location. You will pickup our farm coolers filled with your pickup locations orders. All orders will be individually marked or packaged to deliver to your pickup location. You will exchange these coolers each pickup cycle with new coolers with the next orders contents. This is only temporary as your pickup location grows. We anticipate that most pickup locations would grow to the $500 threshold within 90 days. Once your pickup location grows to a level greater than $500 then the farm will delivery to your location eliminating the need for you to pickup on behalf of your location.
  • Frequency - This is really up to the volunteer but once a month is an ideal starting point.
  • No handling of Cash or payments - All orders will be charged on the day of pickup before it leaves the farm and at no time will the volunteer have to worry about collecting any payment.
  • Driveway or Pre-arranged Lot - If you're close to town then a driveway works great and is preferred. If you are located in a spot where people would likely not make the trip due to inconvenience, then a negotiated pickup location with a business, park or other non-residential lot may be best. Always get permission on the latter. 

This is a new volunteer program for us and the benefits and requirements are subject to change as we determine what works best for the volunteers and our farm.